To Whom It May Concern…

If you’ve ever listened to White Horse Inn radio broadcast, and are familiar with the historical backdrop of the name, I would be one of the participants. The primary purpose of this blog is to raise awareness of the issues prevalent in the church today; and my particular concern is the Gospel itself, the cornerstone of our faith.

While the Church has always faced trouble, she is in the age when the Great Apostasy is already happening. Europe virtually has abandoned the Gospel, in North America only 50% percent believes in the inspiration and inerrancy of scripture and yet only 5% have read the entire Bible. In the meanwhile, heretical churches spoken of 2 Timothy 4:3 have already spread around the globe, and the churches that are left are persecuted at an increasing rate.

Even in North America, the church finds herself facing more and more restrictions, and theological and Progressive Liberalism ever growing.

And so this blog came to be as my own voice against the descent of destructive change that would most likely be permanent unless God, in His marvelous grace, is not yet finished with us. Topics will range from Cult groups such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses that exploits biblical ignorance of the Laity to the ineffective methods of evangelism that some in the Clergy used to the detriment of the body as a whole.

I will also provide my thoughts when reading scripture in relations to this, missions, Christian life in general, and more.

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